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Access to the CO2 Stored database is by Licence Agreement and is now free to access by all subscribers.

The CO2 Stored website is free to access.

To subscribe to the site:

  1. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to request access.
  2. When we receive your request, we will set you up with an account and provide access details.

Licenced users are grouped as follows:

  • ETI members and Her Majesty's Government
  • Universities, research organisations, environmental NGOs and regulators
  • Commercial organisations
  • Short term licence for a specific project

The table below gives an outline of licence costs. For enquires relating to access to CO2 Stored please click here.

User Group Access to CO2 Stored Right to download access
2. ETI members (for internal reference only) FreeYes
3. Universities, research organisations, environmental NGOs, Regulators Free, under licence Case by case
4. Commercial organisations Free, under licence No

The standard licence is now free to all users.

In subsequent years we may develop new modules or functionality that will be offered separately, and will not affect your licensed access to the main CO2 Stored database.

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