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About the British Geological Survey (BGS)

Founded in 1835, the British Geological Survey (BGS) is the world's oldest national geological survey and the United Kingdom's premier centre for earth science information and expertise.

The BGS provides expert services and impartial advice in all areas of geoscience. Our client base is drawn from the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally.

The British Geological Survey is a part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and is its principal supplier of national capability in geoscience.

It advances understanding of the structure, properties and processes of the solid Earth system through interdisciplinary surveys, monitoring and research for the benefit of society.

It is the UK's premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge for wealth creation, sustainable use of natural resources, reducing risk and living with the impacts of environmental change.

We are a world-leading geoscience centre for:

  • survey and monitoring
  • modelling and research
  • data and knowledge

The BGS and CCS

BGS is a world leader in the field of underground CCS. It is the largest storage research centre in the UK with over 30 active researchers and a track record in CCS going back to 1991. Over the past two years BGS has carried out more than 40 CO2 storage projects. Our current annual CCS turnover is over £1.4 m.

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