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Brief description of update Revised by (name) Benefit to CO2 Stored and users When CO2 Stored updated
  • Update of download data to include theoretical capacity values.
C Blackburn, BGS
  • Provides more data to users.
17th January 2022
  • Update of download data to include full numerical significance for all values, as held in the database.
  • Further translations of confidence, risk and failure codes.
C Blackburn, BGS
  • Facilitates improved calculations by users.
  • Provides clearer, more readable data.
8 December 2021
  • Update of fracture pressure estimates for saline aquifer storage units by application of a regional function to describe the relationship of fracture pressure with depth.
  • The regional function is derived from best-fit curves on plots of measured well pressure data (leak off tests) and incorporating pressure of the overlying water column.
  • Two regional depth and pressure functions are determined for:
    • Central and Northern North Sea
    • Southern North Sea (also applied to the East Irish Sea and English Channel)
  • The methodology, and evaluation by statistical analysis and pragmatic appraisal is described in CO2Stored project document 'Overview of fracture pressure calculation methodology work for CO2 stored.docx'
S Holloway M Bentham, M Lark and J Williams, BGS
  • Integration of the fracture pressure calculation algorithm into CO2Stored to ensure the integrity of the database
  • Consistency of a fundamental calculated parameter, on which others are based, for the storage units
  • Improved fracture pressure estimates for saline aquifer storage units
  • Estimated fracture pressure values for saline aquifer units that are consistent with values for hydrocarbon field storage units
  • Increased confidence in the maximum, minimum and most likely fracture pressure values and storage capacity for each saline aquifer storage unit
18 May 2015

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